The Force is strange with this one…


It has been a while since my last post and whilst there are many excuses for this blog’s lack of content over the last two months (general laziness, work, house work, bloody kids, life getting in the way, a healthy dose of writers block) my lack of output comes down to two reasons, one occurring before Christmas and the other after.

Before Christmas: Fallout 4 – My last post went into how I had fallen for Fallout 4’s charms in a big way. Well since that last post I played Fallout 4 pretty much exclusively up until Santa’s arrival. My thoughts being, “why write a blog when I could be exploring the wasteland?”. The Fallout fans amongst you will no doubt approve of my choice.

After Christmas: Star Wars Battlefront – Yep, that beautiful fat red bastard stuck a copy of this EA delight under my tree. And I’m hooked. Proper hooked.  My thoughts being, “why write a blog when I could be flying an X-Wing?”. In fact since unwrapping Battlefront, Fallout has been, dare I say it for fear of internet fury, pushed to the side and not touched since.

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Falling in love with Fallout

Confession time: I am not a Bethesda fan. In fact the only Bethesda game I ever had any time for was the non-RPG, critically panned, geek fest that was Star Trek Legacy (slate me all you want, but getting to drive the Enterprise is cool).

Being brutally honest, I’ve struggled to see what the fuss is about. I’ve tried Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim but none of them got me hooked. This may well be a lack of patience on my part, but I’m all for the slow burn and gradual build up, however if I’m not invested after putting 5+ hours in then you’ve lost me. Maybe I’m missing out, maybe if I had just given them one more hour I would have been hooked and away. These three games are considered classics and have huge fan bases, Christ, I even saw Skyrim referred to as “the divorce maker” due to the amount of time you would be spending on it rather than your loved one. But for me when turning my Xbox on they were never in the “must play” pile of games. They were always started yet found themselves put in the “can’t be arsed” pile until they got traded.

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Press A to continue…

Escapism. That’s why I love video games. When playing you are not thinking or worrying about anything else. A good game can completely immerse you in it, and during this time it can feel like nothing else matters. All you are worried about is completing the level, scoring a goal, taking the next lap faster or swearing across the Internet at the person/cheat/no life sad bastard in a faraway land, who has bested you in online competition. Except he/she didn’t best you. They cheated. You’re sure they did. Probably.

Therefore, as I’m sure you may have worked out, this blog will mainly, alongside a few sci-fi musings and odd things that piss me off, be about video games. This won’t be about games in general on different formats, it will be about my experience with a particular game or format based on what I am either currently playing or what I have played previously.

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