The Force is strange with this one…


It has been a while since my last post and whilst there are many excuses for this blog’s lack of content over the last two months (general laziness, work, house work, bloody kids, life getting in the way, a healthy dose of writers block) my lack of output comes down to two reasons, one occurring before Christmas and the other after.

Before Christmas: Fallout 4 – My last post went into how I had fallen for Fallout 4’s charms in a big way. Well since that last post I played Fallout 4 pretty much exclusively up until Santa’s arrival. My thoughts being, “why write a blog when I could be exploring the wasteland?”. The Fallout fans amongst you will no doubt approve of my choice.

After Christmas: Star Wars Battlefront – Yep, that beautiful fat red bastard stuck a copy of this EA delight under my tree. And I’m hooked. Proper hooked.  My thoughts being, “why write a blog when I could be flying an X-Wing?”. In fact since unwrapping Battlefront, Fallout has been, dare I say it for fear of internet fury, pushed to the side and not touched since.

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