Where to start…


The (very) few people who follow this blog will have noticed that my productivity has been absolutely non-existent of late. When I started this whole “I’m gonna write a blog” thing I said to myself that there is no point doing it if I wasn’t going to post regularly. I never wanted to post for the sake of it (quality outweighs quantity and all that) but I wanted to make sure that I kept content coming.

The problem with this self-imposed set of rules is that the trouble with a gaming blog is that you have to actually play games to have something to write about. Whilst it was never my intention to write about the latest release (can’t afford to for starters and I didn’t want to write about a point in time) I felt I would have to play or replay any game I was planning to write about (I know, makes sense, right?). Trouble is as a father of two gorgeous little time consumers and the holder of one of those pesky job thingys I have a bit of a backlog of games at the moment.

So, now the excuses for writing the sweet sum of bugger all are out of the way, I thought I might let you know what is on my gaming to-do list. Continue reading “Where to start…”