What’s in the disk tray?

Quick confession before we begin. The idea for this post, and it’s title, is courtesy of my brother’s blog, The Blog of Neil. If you are into gaming of the tabletop variety, then he is your man/orc/space marine. Every now and then he will post about what miniatures he is currently working on and titles it “What’s on the painting table?” This got me thinking that I could do the same about what I’m currently playing as a quick way of updating you all. And by all, I mean both of you. Now, with my slight plagiarism addressed and a hat tip to my sibling delivered, I shall crack on.

So, what is in the disk tray? Well despite her best efforts, I’m pleased to say it is not the remains of my two year old daughter’s half eaten biscuit. It is however, only a matter of time before games console and soggy indistinguishable food collide in a match made in my nightmares. It’s like death. You know it’s gonna happen one day, you just don’t know when.

Anyhoo, fears of my daughter using my Xbox  as a napkin aside, since my “Where to start?” post a couple of months back, more games have been played and added to my gaming to-do list. At the moment though there are two games I am in the middle of/just started.

The first one is Batman: The Telltale Series. The only Telltale game I have played previously is A Wolf Among Us and I loved it, so when I heard they were doing a Batman game I handed over money without thinking twice. So far I am four episodes in and it is brilliant.

The other game is one I have only just started. Dishonored (the first one, not the recently released sequel) is a game I missed the first time round. Thanks to reading a few articles about the apparent brilliance of first game in the run up to the sequels launch, I have decided to see what the fuss is about. Oh, and it was only £7.50 on Xbox Live’s Black Friday sale thingy.  But mainly it’s the whole “see what the fuss is about” thing. Honest.

So these two are currently occupying my free time, and by free time i mean that hour window I have of an evening once the kids are in bed and my wife has passed out on the sofa. Here’s hoping, with such a small window to dedicate towards playing, that the last episode of Batman lives up to the rest of the series and that Dishonored lives up to the hype.

Author: David Farley

Spurs fan, F1 nut, Gamer, part time geek, terrible golfer and rock n' roll star. In that order.

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